The Light of the World Garden at Thanksgiving Point invites a special spirit and opportunity to ponder the life of Jesus Christ. Walk with Christ on the path of His life through a series of 15 sculptures, each depicting some of the most powerful moments of His ministry. The beauty of the life-like sculptures helps you learn of Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His life through an unforgettable and masterful experience.

Visit the Light of The World Garden to see this spectacular display.
  • It is I; Be Not Afraid
  • Matthew 14:22-27
  • The sea tosses, rising and falling around Jesus Christ as He strides, determined, across the water. In Christ’s face, you can see His focus on His destination, His desire to reach the disciples in need. Demonstrating both Jesus Christ’s ability to do the seemingly impossible and His concern for God’s children in their time of need, “It Is I, Be Not Afraid” reminds us that we have no need to fear when we rely on Christ.
  • I Give You Living Water
  • John 4:4-42
  • The figure of Jesus holds a cup of water, symbolic of His offering the woman at the well His gospel. In this sculpture, the personal nature of Christ’s interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well expresses the loving and understanding relationship He has with each of us. That relationship grows as we learn more about Him and seek Him fully.
  • Be Thou Clean
  • Matthew 8:1-4
  • The desire each of us has to be clean and whole lives in “Be Thou Clean.” From the rough skin and ragged bandages of the leper to the intent sincerity of Christ’s expression, the beauty of this moment displays the power of faith placed in the Savior. This leper’s faith led Him to plead with Jesus for healing, and without hesitation, Jesus touched the leper and cleansed him from his illness. He cleanses all who come to Him in the same way.
  • Master, Say On
  • Luke 7:36-50
  • In a moment of utter humility, the woman entered the home of Simon the Pharisee to meet Christ and anoint His feet. Simon, though he resented the woman for her sins, willingly listened to Christ as Jesus reminds him that He’s come to save all of God’s children. In this sculpture, we see the woman’s tears on her cheeks as Christ frankly forgives her. Her emotions can fill us as we approach our Savior for His forgiveness of our sins as well.
  • Someone Hath Touched Me
  • Luke 8:43-48
  • As Christ walks beside His disciple, we see the moment when He senses virtue going from Him to another. Behind Him, the woman with the issue of blood holds her hand outstretched, her eyes raised to see Him. Her simple faith in the Savior brought healing and hope to a woman freed from years of suffering, and shows us that even a little action on our part can invite miracles from God into our lives.
  • Oh My Father
  • Matthew 14:23
  • In the scriptures, Christ frequently sought time alone to pray to His Father, seeking to do His Father’s will in all things. Christ’s devotion to His Father shows incomparably in “O My Father. He stands alone, still, His face turned upward as His clothing blows around Him. The love between Father and Son suggests the relationship each of us can have with our Father in Heaven.
  • One Thing Is Needful
  • Luke 10:38-42
  • Mary gazes raptly into Jesus Christ’s face. In her hands, she holds the scriptures, waiting for His teachings. As Martha approaches, asking for Mary’s help, Christ gently reminds her that “one thing is needful.” His reminder reaches us now, encouraging us to seek Him and His gospel above all else.
  • His Gathering
  • Matthew 23:37
  • Christ has gathered God’s children from the beginning of the world. “His Gathering” depicts Christ kneeling beside hens and their chickens, referencing His offer to gather to Him and accept His protection and love. Near to Him, the chicks huddled under a hen’s wing show us how closely He holds us in His love.
  • Let He That Is Without Sin
  • John 8:1-11
  • The leaders of the Jews attempted many times to discredit Jesus Christ throughout His ministry. Most memorable among those attempts is the woman taken in adultery. They brought her to Him, accusing her. But in wisdom and mercy, Christ held His peace, only reminding them of their own guilt. In “Let He That Is Without Sin,” we see some onlookers standing angrily, resisting Him, as others listen to His words and turn away from the woman.
  • Lazarus, Come Forth
  • John 11:1-44
  • The figure of Lazarus rising from His tomb inspires awe even two thousand years after the event actually occurred. “Lazarus, Come Forth” lets us see the event from Lazarus’s perspective, looking up at Christ, and from the perspective of onlookers peering down into the tomb. Defeating death - it seems so impossible. But Christ raised Lazarus and, as He did, He foreshadowed His own coming resurrection.
  • Gethsemane
  • Luke 22:39-53
  • Little can help us understand the pain of the Savior as He suffered for each person’s guilt and pain. “Gethsemane” gives us a chance to see up close the difficulty of His suffering. His veins protrude, tense with pain, as the weight of our lives presses on His forehead. Christ pleads with His Father, looking faithfully up to heaven for strength. Though Christ’s suffering is difficult to see, we’re invited to contemplate what He was willing to do for us.
  • Because Of Love
  • Mark 15 and John 12:23-50
  • Christ drags the cross on His shoulder, staring firmly at the ground. Despite the mocking thorns on His head, He shows no sign of embarrassment and regret. His whole body strains visibly at the weight He carries, but He continues to carry it. At the moment of His death, this sculpture stands to remind us of why Jesus Christ chose to suffer so much - Because of His love for each of us.
  • Mary
  • John 20:11-18
  • In His moment of triumph, Jesus Christ chose to show Himself to Mary. Like His other disciples, she was utterly heartbroken at His death. But at her moment of greatest fear and sorrow when she finds His body missing, Jesus stands before her, proving her faith and showing His triumph over death.
  • Reach In Faith
  • John 20: 24-31
  • Thomas approaches Christ, who stands with His arms open. Jesus shows Thomas the prints in His hands and feet, and in His exposed side, the hole from the Roman soldier. Christ invites Thomas to come to Him, gently encouraging Him to rely on faith, not sight, to believe. He offers this invitation to us as well when we struggle to believe.
  • This Is My Beloved Son
  • Joseph Smith History 1:17
  • Though the First Vision has been depicted many times, “This Is My Beloved Son” brings it to life. It’s as though you’ve stepped into the experience along with Joseph Smith. Joseph kneels in awe at the sight of his Father and Savior. Christ and Heavenly Father stand in the air smiling down at Joseph, and the power of the moment is felt in every inch of the bronze figures.